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Lumiar Platform
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All content and competencies provided by BNCC are covered and can be viewed

Why we believe on technology in education

The Contribution of technology is related
to the way of thinking brought by the innovations

The importance of playing in Elementary Education

At Lumiar, students of all ages
share the playing spaces

Lumiar Methodology: our pedagogical proposal

Get to know the six pedagogical pillars
that make us an innovative school

During the first years of school, the child goes through the most important phase of socioemotional and cognitive development. The skills learned in this period will ensure a better learning and adaptation in the world throughout life.

educação infantil na Lumiar

Our commitment is to provide an environment in which students can build autonomy to act in a reflexive, authoritative and conscious way, both now and in the future. We believe that each student has his or her own trajectory and, therefore, we work with a curriculum based on skills and abilities.

Ensino Fundamental
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“The school aims to listen to each demand and to meet the children’s curiosity, seeking a language that is possible and with information appropriate to the age group. As an actress, I was invited by them to talk about the film Marighella, as a cultural tip. I find this very thought-provoking ”

Ana Bouzas mother of David

“We moved to São Paulo in early 2018 and Lumiar played a very important role in the adaptation of Jesus to the city. Method, welcoming and dialogue with him and with us. Everything collaborated so that Jesus is in love with the school environment, which receives him and allows him to develop his full potential.”

Washington father of Jesus

“Our partnership with Lumiar team is very important to improve the education we give to João. In two particular moments, when his sister arrived and also when he presented changes of behavior, the conversation we had with his tutor and director helped us to make small adjustments and go through these situations very calmly.”

Rodolpho and Wayne João Vicente's parents

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