Roda Lumiar: participatory management put into practice


Out of class, in the playground, fundamental students discuss the need to do a reform on a court. Some prefer a basketball table to be placed, while others rather have more space for football. Bringing this purpose to debate with a participatory, organized, autonomous and respectful management is the role of “Roda Lumiar”, a discussion thread with students of kindergarten and elementary school.


Gestão participativa


The discussion thread gives voice to all, in a true participatory management. In this model, students, educators, staff and other adults (when invited) meet once a week for about an hour to discuss topics that are of interest to everyone there. This means that the guidelines can be varied: from more punctual topics and conflict resolution – as was the case in the example of the court – to the more delicate and subjective topics, such as bullying. The result? Everyone participates, discusses and can give their opinions. The format values ​​the discussion: in turn, so that everyone can see each other.

In elementary school, participating goes beyond advocating ideas or putting them to the test. It is interesting that the students are the coordinators of the discussion, defining guidelines, order, speaking time and debate form – with an adult when necessary. The idea is that, depending on the case, specific groups will be formed to discuss issues that need a timely resolution. Thinking about pace, efficiency and a valid discussion for everyone, it’s worth taking ideas to everyone’s vote during the weekly meeting. In other words, one more reinforcement of which all can participate in the decisions.


And what about child education? How to apply participatory management?

Os estudantes do infantil fazem sua roda todos os dias. Nelas, as crianças começam a entender e vivenciar o senso de união e comunidade. É nesse momento que, junto ao tutor, elas são convidadas, por exemplo, a listar os combinados do dia e compartilhar as preferências de brincadeiras.

Kindergarten students make their make their discussions thread every day. In this experience, children begin to understand and experience a sense of unity and community. At this moment, together with the tutor, they are invited, for example, to list the agreements of the day and share the their preferences of games.

At the same time that they are instigated to speak, another learning of the experience is the famous and ever-so-discussed “know how to hear.” On “Roda Lumiar”, even very young children are encouraged to exercise patience and respect to listen to colleagues.

In order to make it clear to the small students the importance of “Roda Lumiar”, it is suggested to create a ritual, such as marking the discussion space with different fabrics, cushions, rugs or even changing the ambient light. Starting and finishing the experience singing a song is also a way of ritualizing this important practice of participatory management – one of the pillars of the Lumiar methodology.

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